Installation on Fedora core 6

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Installation on Fedora core 6

Post by chlorofill » Tue Nov 28, 2006 8:37 pm

I'm trying to installa Canon i350 printer, but it seeems the binaries don't work. That' what the systems returns:

[root@localhost turboprint-1.94-4]# ./setup
./setup: line 30: bin/xtpsetup: cannot execute binary file
Could not start X-Windows installation tool.

DEBIAN / UBUNTU: If you get an error message like 'libgtk-1.2 not found' execute
> sudo apt-get install libgtk1.2

TurboPrint Installation
./setup: line 47: bin/tpsetup: cannot execute binary file

Installation language (e)nglish or (d)eutsch? e

No keyfile present in installation directory.
Installing TurboPrint Free Edition.

Installation for CUPS printing system (TP_CUPS=1)
Configuration files will go to.. /etc/turboprint
Shared files will go to......... /usr/share/turboprint
Executable files will go to..... /usr/bin
Logfiles files will go to....... /var/log
Documentation will go to........ /usr/share/turboprint/doc
Browser for documentation....... konqueror

(edit system.cfg to change installation paths)

Begin installation now (y/n)? n

I've even tried to go on, but xptsetup and xptconfing didn't start. What to do?


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Post by zedonet » Thu Nov 30, 2006 8:13 am


the error message "cannot execute binary file" looks like if you had downloaded the wrong version - e.g. TurboPrint for 64bit or PPC on a 32bit Linux (even if your processor is 64bit, a 32bit linux requires the 32bit TurboPrint download "turboprint-1.94-4.i386.rpm" or "turboprint-1.94-4.tgz").

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