Demo version expired?????!

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Demo version expired?????!

Post by ramen » Sat Nov 15, 2008 11:38 am


I downloaded version 2.05-1 of Turboprint on 4th November, installed it, but it had no support for Canon iP4600. I found new version 2.06-1 on your site yesterday and downloaded it.
I uninstalled previous version, but I have been experiencing some issues with rpm database and although uninstall seemed to work, some of the files were left on my disk! So I restored the system from backup dated 31st October (/etc, /home, /usr, /var directories) and then THE TP-HELL started!
I'm trying to install it from rpm or tgz, but it always displays "Demo version expired" during installation!! The old version displayed 20 days left yesterday. Are you writing something somewhere within my system, that got overwritten?? :roll:
How can I get at least my 20 days of trial back??

Thanks for any ideas how to get it working in trial mode. For at least one day, so I can try it out fully.

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Post by zedonet » Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:25 am

Hello ramen,

probably the 30 day trial period was cut off because of your backup that set the date back to a date before the installation of TurboPrint.
However, you should be able to install it as "expired" demo version and print with the demo logo. I understand that this is a bit uncomfortable but it should at least show if printing works and if the print quality is as good as expected.

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