Upgraded to 2.07 but what version is running on my system?

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Upgraded to 2.07 but what version is running on my system?

Post by carusoswi » Tue Jan 27, 2009 2:37 am

I had run 1x of Turboprint, downloaded the trial of 2.x (sorry, don't remember what version exactly) in November of '08, then, discovered when I came back to use the application this weekend that I had never purchased the full version.

So, I promptly pulled out my plastic and ordered up the Pro version (or whatever the more advanced version is called. Received my key in my email this evening.

Installation of the key went ok. I can bring up the Turbo print monitor, and if I click on the settings icon, the monitor version shows version 2.07-1. When I bring up the print dialog box, however, the info bar at the top reads: Gimp-Turboprint v0.1.6 (Build 19 Mai 2008). That does not seem right to me.

I'm running Ubuntu 8.10, and, if I go to the Synaptic Package Manager and enter Turboprint in the search bar, the only package that shows up is 2.07, and the green box is filled in, indicating that it is already installed. If I click on that box, the only options that appear are to mark for removal or mark for complete removal, so, apparently, the upgrade version of the program is installed on my system. What confuses me is that one of the two printers that I use, Epson RX595, is not listed. I find an RX585, and a 590, but no 595.

I'm not certain this is related, but, the option to print borderless pics appears not to be working for me, and I wonder if this is related to not using the exact driver for my Epson printer.

I apologize if my question has already been asked/answered, and I would like to say thank you in advance for any responses that come my way.



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Post by zedonet » Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:53 am


it looks as if the current TurboPrint 2.07 is installed on your computer. The print dialog for GIMP has a different version number, v0.1.6 is correct.

About printing borderless: You should choose a borderless page format in the GIMP TurboPrint print dialog, e.g. "Borderless 4x6". If you do so, are there borders on all 4 sides?

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