epson 1400 and Lightroom

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epson 1400 and Lightroom

Post by christian » Fri Jun 06, 2014 8:13 am

I created a profile with PrintFab and ColorMunki. I use Lightroom for proofing picture but this profile is not visible in the list of Lighroom. How to make it appear?

Thank you in advance

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Re: epson 1400 and Lightroom

Post by zedonet » Fri Jun 06, 2014 9:11 am

Importing the ICC profile into PrintFab is only for PrintFab's internal color management. You can add the profile to OS X by dropping it into Library/ColorSync/Profiles within your user directory. Then select it as "Proof Profile" for softproofing, but do not select the profile when printing (this would cause the profile to be applied twice) - instead select the document profile (e.g. sRGB / AdobeRGB) in the print dialog and in the PrintFab driver settings.

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Re: epson 1400 and Lightroom

Post by smile » Sun Jun 08, 2014 4:29 pm

I would suggest that zedonet would make a diagram on their website how printfab works, cause now users don't understand the whole sequence of conversions, on how to use the self generated profile and think they should load the profile in their software.

PrintFAB is RIP, sort of, so you should load the profile in the PrintFAB itself not the software that you are going to use for printing. In software you are going to use for printing for example use use Photoshop and use AdobeRGB as working space and have a adobe RGB tagged photo for printing opened, you select the "no color management" in print dialog.

Yes I know "no color management" is not available since Photoshop CS3, so don't use any later version, period.
If you don't want to print proper way then select the same output profile as your document has, and trick yourself that there is no conversion taking place, but once you get into CMYK world that will quickly change as LAB is 3 component color space and CMYK is 4 component color space.

So when you use any later photoshop version than CS3 and have CMYK document open, you select "photoshop manages color" and select the output colorspace like SWOP, you are sending your image to the conversion color engine to be converted to

"document CMYK" -> LAB PCS -> SWOP

CMYK to CMYK conversion can only be done with color server and special DLP profiles. On the other hand sending RAW CMYK data by using "no color management" is way better.

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