Epson XP-800 nor printing black

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Epson XP-800 nor printing black

Post by CraigMeads » Mon Dec 29, 2014 1:54 am

Using SLED (Suse Linux Enterprise Edition) and Turboprint 2.35-2.

The Epson will print colour, but no blacks from the larger black cartridge.

The Epson prints blacks from Windows 7.

A test print page from Turboprint with Grayscale selected yields a blank page, with RGB Colour selected, it give just the colour test pattern.

Apps like Browser, Open Office etc cannot print black.

It seemed to be OK until about two weeks ago, but nothing springs to mind that might have changed.

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Re: Epson XP-800 nor printing black

Post by zedonet » Tue Dec 30, 2014 4:55 pm


if the printer suddenly stopped printing black, the most likely explanation is a problem within the printer, e.g. the ink cartridge is empty / not properly inserted / etc.
I cannot tell why the Epson Windows driver prints black and TurboPrint doesn't.

I recommend to print a nozzle test pattern from TurboPrint Control -> dialog "Toolbox" (or from Windows using the Epson driver). The pattern should look like the one in the manual ... l/page-259

I think that the two patterns on the left are for the larger black cartridge, the pattern on the right is for photo black.

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