Raspberry & Canon pixma Pro-10S pb

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Raspberry & Canon pixma Pro-10S pb

Post by tchab0 » Mon Sep 21, 2015 6:36 am

I just buy Turboprint for ARM and I can't print on my Canon Pixma pro 10S printer,

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tpprint -h
tpprint 2.36-1 arm (26-MAY-2015)
Turboprint recognise my printer and send correctly the job. All seems OK.

The power led printer blinks but the paper is not trained in the printer.
"Show ink level" works
"Nozzle check" works
"aling print head" doesn't work
"print test page" doesn't work

The end of my /var/log/turboprint/print.log :

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pixmap_class::open: can't read magic header
print_page: end of input file
Report at end of pdrivecontrol_class::release_printer
59722 inifile::open(buffer)
59722 inifile::open(buffer)
Total memory usage=119444
child process terminated
------------ End of print job - result = 0 ------------
job cancelling procedure - TPPID=23301 GSPID=23303 PVPID=
------------ END of tpprint filter ------------
can you help me ?

Thierry Chabot

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Re: Raspberry & Canon pixma Pro-10S pb

Post by zedonet » Tue Oct 13, 2015 2:36 pm


we have just released a new version 2.37-1 (ARM and also Intel/AMD) of TurboPrint that should fix the problem:


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