Turbo Print Pro or Studio?

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Turbo Print Pro or Studio?

Post by bhlevca » Tue Jan 12, 2016 6:24 pm


I know that this thread is old but I worked on MAC OX and I did not buy Turboprint. Now I am ready to move my photo processing completely on Linux and I'd like to buy a license.

You mentioned in another post that ColorMunki does not handle CMYK profiles:
zedonet wrote:
... You can use TurboPrint Pro for this purpose. TurboPrint Pro is limited to "RGB" ICC printer profiles. However, this is not a real limitation as ColorMunki can only create RGB profiles. TurboPrint Studio can do CMYK printing (also referred to as "CMYK proof mode") and can import aditional ICC document color spaces.
but, I have ColorMunkiDesign and as you can read at the link posted below, that it actually can handle CMYK profiles, if I understand correctly:
http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/5 ... ement.html

I have good/decent photo tools, but I am still a hobbist and not a pro, and I 'd like an honest advice whether I should/need to buy the Studio version or the Pro will be enough. I am calibrating both the display and the printer and deal with several ICCs but I don't print larger than A3+. Furthermore, my understanding is that consumer printers (including my Canon pixma 9000 MK II) although they print in CMYK they are in fact RGB devices. I looked at ICC profiles for my printer given my paper manufactured and they are all in the RGB color space.

As I am not a specialist in this field I would appreciate an honest advice whether in my case a Turboprint Studio version would bring me any benefits over a Pro version. My opinion is that I don't need the extra features, but if there are any good reasons for buying it please give me some examples and I will buy the Studio version.


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Re: Turbo Print Pro or Studio?

Post by zedonet » Thu Jan 14, 2016 10:45 am


for printing photos, TurboPrint Pro is sufficient in most cases, as photo printing is done in RGB color space.

The additional features of TurboPrint Studio are

- print in CMYK color space - this is important only if you do prepress stuff, e.g. proof-printing PDFs for offset printing

- import additional RGB ICC profiles such as AdobeRGB - this might be interesting if you capture your photos in AdobeRGB color space

- create CMYK ICC profiles - this is not essential, the differences between RGB and CMYK icc profiles are minor
(PrintFab user manual for Mac OS X)

Depending on the profile creation software, you can create RGB and/or CMYK
profiles. Both types of profiles can be used for printing correct colors with RGB and
CMYK documents. PrintFab calculates the necessary conversion automatically.

Advantages and disadvantages of RGB and CMYK profiles:

● RGB profiles need less color patches than CMYK profiles for achieving the
same color accuracy. If your profile creation software only offers CMYK
color charts with less than 500 patches, prefer printing an RGB chart.

● Only with CMYK profiles the generation of black can be determined by your
profile creation software. With RGB profiles, PrintFab always uses its
standard way of generating black.
As an example, with a RGB ICC profile, RGB black is usually printed with 25% Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and 100% Black ink coverage.
A CMYK ICC profile might instead specify 100% Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and 0% Black - or 0% colors and 100% Black.

The Canon PIXMA 9000 MKII is a CMYK printer but the Canon printer drivers for Mac and Windows present it as an "RGB" device to applications - the RGB -> CMYK conversion is done in the driver.

With TurboPrint for Linux or PrintFab for Mac and Windows it is possible for applications to send CMYK data, however as I wrote this is mainly interesting for prepress proof printing.

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Re: Turbo Print Pro or Studio?

Post by bhlevca » Thu Jan 14, 2016 12:42 pm

Thank you.

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