Epson paper ICC profile for Canon Pixma Pro 10s

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Epson paper ICC profile for Canon Pixma Pro 10s

Post by gian » Sat Dec 10, 2016 6:32 pm

hello All,
my old Epson printer died suddenly, and I still have a lot of Epson premium glossy paper.
The new printer is a Canon Pixma Pro 10s, though.
Is there a way to use that paper's ICC profile on Ubuntu 16.04?
I thought I'd find a way to load it in TurboPrint, but could not sort it out.
thanks for helping,

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Re: Epson paper ICC profile for Canon Pixma Pro 10s

Post by zedonet » Mon Dec 12, 2016 10:25 am


It is possible to import ICC profiles in TurboPrint Control, dialog "Profiles", by adding a new profile entry and then importing the profile with the button "Import color data".

However, it makes only sense to import ICC profiles that were created from color charts printed with TurboPrint.

ICC profiles from the paper manufacturer are made for the printer manufacturer's Windows driver. TurboPrint uses different halftoning and ink mixing techniques (the manufacturer driver is closed source, so we can only approximate these techniques) so colors will not be correct when using a paper manufacturer's ICC profile.

We recommend to create a new color profile with our TurboPrint profile creation service (see the TurboPrint manual chapter 10 for details). Of course you can also use any other ICC profiling service.

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