Booklet printing of A4 pages on A3 paper

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Booklet printing of A4 pages on A3 paper

Post by rasman » Thu Apr 21, 2011 9:35 am

I'm trying to print in booklet form from A4 pages to A3 paper under Adobe Acrobat Reader. I have Booklet printing selected, media size A3 Landscape. The pages are not centred correctly. The scaling is correct.
According to Adobe the command generated is:

lpr -P tp0 -o PageSize=A3 -o PageRegion=A4 -o MediaType=Plainpaper_6 -o InkType=Photo_1 -o Resolution=600x600dpi -o InputSlot=AutomaticFeed -o OutputBin=Front -o Duplex=None -o zedoColorModel=RGB -o zedoDithering=ErrorDiffusion -o zedoMirror=0 -o zedoDuplexAdjust=0 -o zedoColorspace=0 -o zedoCMYKspace=0 -o zedoIntent=perception_0 -o zedoIntensity=0 -o zedoBrightness=0 -o zedoContrast=0 -o zedoDuplexadvanced=manual -o zedoBorderlessExpand=2 -o zedoPrinterDriver=Canon-PIXMA-Pro9000 -o zedoLicenseType=License -o zedoAdjustY=0 -o zedoAdjustM=0 -o zedoAdjustC=0 -o zedoAdjustK=0 -o zedoInklimitY=0 -o zedoInklimitM=0 -o zedoInklimitC=0 -o zedoInklimitK=0 -o zedoRefLight=65 -o zedoGreyToneA=0 -o zedoGreyToneB=0 -o zedoGamut=0 -o zedoUCR=0 -o zedoTAC=0 -o zedoBrightC=0 -o zedoBrightM=0

From turboprint monitor the settings show Page size-A4

If in adobe I specify media size A4 then I get a correctly printed booklet with pages scaled down to A5 to fit two per paper side, which is correct.

A possibly related problem occurs when I print to B4 paper: I can't get the page to be centred and scaled up. I can get on or the other to happen.


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