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New features in TurboPrint 2

Stay up to date - with an upgrade to TurboPrint 2!

For users of the previous version TurboPrint 1.x we have put together the most important new features on this page:

New Features:

  • color management
  • status monitor with panel applet
  • duplex printing
  • print preview
  • ink management & ink saving mode
  • color profiling service

For a detailed description please read TurboPrint 2 Features.

Further enhancements:

TurboPrint Printer Monitor

Linux has a sophisticated system of access rights – a regular user has only limited access to the computer system. In TurboPrint 1.x it was necessary to log in as "root" user to get the printer's ink status.

With TurboPrint 2 comes a new software component, the TurboPrint Printer Monitor. It continually monitors the printer in the background, informs the user on ink status and also reports printer warnings and errors – this information can even be forwared to other computers in a network.

Only one central configuration program – no root login required

Previously there were two TurboPrint configuration tools – TurboPrint Setup for printer setup and TurboPrint Config for printer configuration. TurboPrint 2 combines these two programs in one control center. A "root login" is no longer required – the new “TurboPrint Control Center” requests the administrator password only when it becomes necessary.

GIMP Plugin


For the photo editing and paint software "GIMP" there is now a special print plugin that makes printing via TurboPrint very easy and comfortable.

The plugin is published under GPL license.