Epson XP-960: 2880dpi CMYK proof is washed out

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Steve K
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Epson XP-960: 2880dpi CMYK proof is washed out

Post by Steve K » Mon Nov 16, 2015 12:30 am

Hi everybody.

I'm testing the latest PrintFab demo on my Mac with the latest release of El Capitan running Adobe CC 2014 inDesign, on a mid-2011 iMac and a brand new Epson XP-960. I'm testing color on a recent project—a quarterly magazine printed professionally on an offset press.

I'm using US color settings synchronized across Adobe CC. No RGB elements or images, whatsoever. I believe I have my print settings correct, following the PrintFab manual (in particular, the inDesign instructions) to a T. I'm printing with real Epson ink on Epson Glossy Photo paper. I'm using PrintFab's XP-950 series driver, which is the previous version of my XP-960.

The problem - 2880dpi is washed out
When prints are set for 1440 or 5760 dpi, the color is very close to the actual magazine from the press. I could probably probably get it to match perfectly with a custom profile from PrintFab, or using a Colormunki (the latter is on my shopping list). However, printing at 2880 dpi, the results are way off—everything looks dead and washed out.

I've attached a scan of the prints all on one sheet. I printed the first sample at 1440, then put it back in the printer for 2880, then again to print the 5760 dpi version.

I've checked my setup and it prints fine at any resolution without PrintFab. The problem only arises with PrintFab at 2880 dpi.

Am I doing something wrong, or did I discover an issue with PrintFab's color profile?

Thanks for your help!

Test print showing difference between resolutions.
XP-960_Test1.jpg (149.78 KiB) Viewed 3232 times

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Re: Epson XP-960: 2880dpi CMYK proof is washed out

Post by zedonet » Mon Dec 14, 2015 3:15 pm

The problem has been solved, the fix will be included in the next PrintFab version.

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