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ColorMunki Photo

Post by Wills » Sat Dec 19, 2015 6:26 pm

When I create a new profile and use ColorMunki to create the icc do I set the colorspace in the PrintFab printer dialogue to sRGB or aRGB or is this irrelevant until the printing with the completed profile. Also should I use Type 2 or type 4 icc profiles I use OSX 10.11.

Also when importing an icc profile do you check the checkbox for "the profile was created using PrintFab v2.15 or lower"

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Re: ColorMunki Photo

Post by zedonet » Tue Dec 22, 2015 3:22 pm


the color space setting is not relevant until you import the ICC profile into PrintFab. PrintFab accepts both type 2 and type 4, so you can create a type 4 profile. Do not check the checkbox for "the profile was created using PrintFab v2.15 or lower" (this is only for profiles that where created with very old versions of PrintFab).

I attach our color profiling tutorial - it might be helpful to verify your workflow. Please let me know if questions remain.


Creating ICC profiles for PrintFab/Mac

To create an ICC profile e.g. with EyeOne, ColorMunki or Spyder, you should create a new profile entry in PrintFab Toolbox -> "Open toolbox for selected printer" -> "Manage color profiles" -> "Printer Profiles".
You will have to select the type of media (e.g. coated inkjet paper or glossy photo paper), the print quality and the maximum ink amount (e.g. 250%).

The new profile will be visible as an additional paper type in the print dialog. Use this paper entry to print the profile chart - color management will be automatically turned off (until you execute "import profile data").

Printing the profile color chart

The next step is to print a profile color chart that is supplied with your profiling software (usually there is either a TIFF file or an option to export a profile chart). You can use a photo editing software like PhotoShop to print the color chart or the Adobe Color Print Utility. You can also print the chart directly from your profiling software.

PrintFab driver settings:

tab "Main": "Media type"=<the media entry that you just added>
tab "Color": "Intent"="No correction", "Mode"="RGB" or "CMYK" depending on the ICC profile type

PhotoShop print dialog settings:

You have to turn off color management also in the PhotoShop print dialog. The current PhotoShop version doesn't offer "No colormanagement" - a workaround is to assign a profile to the chart bitmap and to select "Photoshop Manages Colors" and choose the document color profile as "Printer Profile".

The resulting ICC profile can be used either in PrintFab (recommended) or in Photoshop:

1) color management in PrintFab

- import the ICC profile in the "Profiles" dialog of PrintFab Toolbox

- in the Photoshop print dialog, select "Photoshop Manages Colors". As "Printer Profile" choose the document profile (in earlier versions of Photoshop, you can choose "No color management" instead).

- in the PrintFab driver settings, also choose the document profile

2) color management in PhotoShop

- add the ICC profile to the OS X color profiles folder

- in the Photoshop print dialog, select "PhotoShop manages colors" and "Printer profile"=<the icc profile you created>

- in the PrintFab driver settings, use the same settings as when printing
the ICC profile chart:
tab "Main": "Media type"=<the media entry you used to print the ICC profile chart>
tab "Color": "Intent"="No correction", "Mode"="RGB" or "CMYK" depending on the ICC profile type

Some PrintFab settings like the "ink save mode" can be chosen only when color management is done in PrintFab.

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