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CMYK - Turbo Print Studio

Post by remigliorato » Thu Dec 31, 2009 11:45 am

I bought a license Turbo Print Studio (I had already Turbo Print Pro), but it does not work in CMYK. I tried to print PDF or TIFF files (in CMYK naturally,) also using Scribus. I set Colour=CMYK Prof or Colour=CMYK Prof (Mix Black), and Colour Space=Iso coated.... But it does not use black ink.
My printer is Canon Pixma ix4000 end it work in CMYK if I don't use Turbo Print, naturally in resolution until 600 dpi and without bordless. Why it not work with Turbo Print Studio? Why I spent more for it?

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Post by zedonet » Mon Jan 04, 2010 10:35 am


two things are important:

1. the Canon PIXMA iX4000 works as a "CMYK" printer only if you print on plain paper - on inkjet paper (matte paper, glossy paper) black is always mixed of cyan, magenta and yellow ink (this is a limitation within the printer's firmware and is also the case with Canon's Windows printer drivers). The reason is that the pigmented black ink is not smear-resistant on coated/glossy inkjet paper.

2. there are two "CMYK" modes selectable within TurboPrint: "CMYK Proof" and "CMYK Proof (mix black)".
In the first mode, TurboPrint tries to keep the black channel of the CMYK image - this can sometimes lead to "grainy" prints when light colors are printed with black ink.
In the mode "CMYK Proof (mix black)" lighter shades of gray are printed using a mixture of cyan, magenta and yellow; only dark gray and black is printed with black ink.

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