Can't adjust density, etc. for Canon

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Can't adjust density, etc. for Canon

Post by ColourPhil » Fri Jul 08, 2011 9:30 am

I've been using PrintFab Pro for about a year with a canon iP4700, mostly in CMYK mode, and mostly as a "driver", but occasionally as a RIP. I make my own profiles, and also happen to be in the Colour Management business! Generally I get very good results, and find the basic media settings etc. to be very good, but would like some more adjustment. Is it just this printer? I would like to have a bit more control over grey balance (especially for B&W), ink limits (especially black) BEFORE printing my test charts. I print with Colour Management disabled. Almost all changes I make using Contrast, Individual Color Correction, Ink Control 2, has no effect. Some high quality papers should be able to take more ink. I can control Total Ink and GCR in the profiling software. I used to use GutenPrint, which had unlimited control (too much!) but didn't support Canons.
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Re: Can't adjust density, etc. for Canon

Post by zedonet » Fri Jul 08, 2011 10:24 am


only the following parameters can be adjusted when printing profile test charts:

- media type (Plain Paper, Matte Inkjet, (Semi-) Glossy Inkjet paper, ...)
- print quality
- ink limit

Every additional setting would be a potential source for errors in the profiling process.

For some printers it is possible to increase maximum ink amount by editing the driver description files, however the Canon PIXMA iP4700 driver already uses the maximum ink amount allowed by printer firmware.

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