conformance to ISO Coated v2

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conformance to ISO Coated v2

Post by neon » Mon Aug 08, 2011 7:55 pm

hy, i am trying to calibrate my Canon PIXMA Pro 9000 to correctly reproduce cmyk content in conformance with ISO Coated v2 (FOGRA39L). My work OS is Mac OS X Lion & my calibration software is Profilemaker 5.0.10 (on a different computer). PrintFab version is 2.21.
I use EFI Gravure Proof Paper 4245 Semimatt (FOGRA Certified). The result it's dark & over saturated, but the color & gray balance is correct. I will try to describe the whole workflow and i hope you can give me some pointers to achieve a correct profile using PrintFab.

1. In PrintFab Toolbox i use Glossy Paper & High 2400dpi. The paper holds very well at 300 ink density so i leave that to 300.
2. I print my ECI CMYK charts from:
  • Indesign CS 5.5 with Composite CMYK Output, Let Postscript Printer Determine Colours, Preserve CMYK Numbers
    Color Matching In Printer
    I select the empty profile in PrinFab, and choose CMYK Proof
3. I measure my chart & i use the next settings in Profilemaker: Version 2, Large profile, Paper Colored Gray (because it's a proof paper, under 1 deltaE difference from offset reference), LOGO Colorful gamut mapping (i tried to use Classic but in PrintFab light colors became a ugly medium gray, it's unusable), Viewing light Source D50. The paper has a very low quantity of optical brighteners so that button is grayed out. Because i want to make real proofs in conformance with ISO Coated v2 i chose in Separation the same values used in creating the reference profile by European Color Initiative: Black starting point 10 & maximum black 95. I also chose GCR2 separation, CMYK max 300 (same as in PrintFab) & Black Width 100. And at the end i neutralized the black point as recommended by X-rite.
4. I load the fresh ICC in PrintFab
5. I test the profile using in PrintFab Relative Colorimetric, CMYK Proof, D50 reference Light & ISO Coated v2 as color space. In Indesign of course CMYK Output with ISO Coated v2.

As i've already said the print are too dark and way over saturated (the reds are eating my retina).

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Re: conformance to ISO Coated v2

Post by zedonet » Tue Aug 09, 2011 9:23 am


your description looks correct except the setting "Let postscript printer determine colors" in the Indesign print dialog, which may cause unwanted color conversions (e.g. in Photoshop it will convert color space to sRGB).

I include our icc profile instructions that also explain the settings in the Indesign print dialog (see the PrintFab PDF manual, page 56 for screenshots).


To create an ICC profile for PrintFab, you should create a new profile entry in PrintFab Toolbox -> "Open toolbox for selected printer" -> "Manage color profiles".
You will have to select the type of media (e.g. coated inkjet paper or glossy photo paper), the print quality and the maximum ink amount (e.g. 300%).

The new profile will be visible as an additional media type in the print dialog. Use this media entry to print the profile chart => color management will be automatically turned off (until you execute "import profile data").

PrintFab driver settings (open with the button "Printer..." from the InDesign print dialog):
  • tab "Main": "Media type" = <your new media type created in PrintFab Toolbox>
    tab "Color": "Intent" = "No correction", "Mode"="CMYK" (or "RGB" depending on the ICC profile type)
InDesign print dialog settings
  • Section "Output"
    “Color” = “Composite CMYK”

    Section "Color Management"
    "Color Handling"="Let InDesign Determine Colors"
    "Printer Profile"="Document CMYK ..."
    (Output Color will show "Composite CMYK", "Preservce CMYK Numbers" will be checked)
The resulting ICC profile can be used either in PrintFab (recommended) or in Indesign:

1) color management in PrintFab

- import the ICC profile in the "Manage color profiles" dialog of PrintFab Toolbox

- in the Photoshop print dialog, select "Let InDesign Determine Colors". As "Printer Profile" choose the document profile

- in the PrintFab driver settings, choose
  • "Intent"="Colorimetric Relative"
    "Mode"="CMYK Proof"
    "Colorspace"="ISO Coated v2" (the document color space)
2) color management in InDesign

- in the Photoshop print dialog, select "Let InDesign Determine Colors" and "Printer profile"=<the icc profile you created>

- in the PrintFab driver settings, use the same settings as when printing
the ICC profile chart:
  • tab "Main": "Media type" = <the media entry you used to print the ICC profile chart>
    tab "Color": "Intent" = "No correction", "Mode"="CMYK" or "RGB" depending on the ICC profile type

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