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Stephane MENARD
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Presets issue

Post by Stephane MENARD » Thu May 14, 2015 1:57 pm

I 'm testing PrintFab 2.73 test version on OS X 10.10.2
I have created a preset in the printer box to print a chart : cf attachement configuration printer_1
PrintFab setings :
Quality 4 9600dpi
intent : no correction
mode color : RGB
color space :sRGB

When i visualize the preset i have
cartridge : photo
media type : plain paper
print resolution 2- 600dpi
rendering intent : perception

For all the presets created with different parameters, intent, resolution when i visualize the preset i have always the same configuration.
Seems presets configurations are not tranmitted to the printer.
It anissue beacause when i create a profilte the intent is perception instead of no correction, also resolution is to low for hig quality prints.

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