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Canon PIXMA iP1000 - nozzle & alignment failure

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 5:36 pm
by Bologrew
I am testing Turboprint 2 with my Canon PIXMA iP1000. Overall I'm happy with it and will be buying an upgrade key in due course.

However, several functions do not work:

The nozzle check makes the printer LED flash twice but nothing is printed.
The head alignment function makes the printer LED flash three times but nothing is printed.
The resetting of the ink level counters appears to have no effect - in other words, having replaced cartridges, I cannot make the printer see them as full again.
I verified that the print queue was empty before trying these features.

I don't believe the nozzle check and head alignment has ever worked. Today I installed Turboprint 1.92-1 on a test machine which first supported the iP1000. The nozzle check and head alignment made the printer LED flash but nothing came out. I configured the CUPS server to save the print jobs which I can send to you if you want them.

I can only presume that whatever you are sending this printer is not being understood and hence ignored. Perhaps you have made a mistake in implementing certain protocols on this particular printer? Perhaps you have created the test patterns in a printing resolution that this model doesn't support? I don't know - you're the ones with the programming documentation.

If you would like me to run any test programs or provide any other information, then please let me know.

Best regards,

Nicholas Redgrave