Need .tgz version of 1.96-4

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Need .tgz version of 1.96-4

Post by LongtimeTPUser » Fri Jan 23, 2009 4:13 pm


I've written TP directly but so far have no response, so I'm trying here in "Support".

I'm a long time (10 years +) TP user -- I had it on my old Amiga, and recently (1 year ago) bought Turboprint 1.96-4 for my Ubuntu machine.

All was well until I changed over my OS to a non deb Linux this month. For that, I need the tgz file version TP 1.96-4 -- not the .deb version which I already have.

What I'm talking about is just the former freely downloadable trial program file in tgz form. I looked for it on the website, and can't find it. "Support" simply links to this forum, rather than a support download section, which would be normal for most sofware providers.

I'm very surprised that recent purchasers like myself cannot find a replacement file for the version they bought. I'm not asking for a free upgrade, just a replacement for what I paid for.

How can I obtain a replacement file? Sorry, I'm not ready to purchase 2.0 at this time. I've barely had a year's use out of the first version, and I don't need additonal features or printer support at this time.

Thanks for your assistance.

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Post by zedonet » Mon Jan 26, 2009 11:52 am


you can also use your .deb file:

1. unarchive the .deb file with

ar x turboprint_1.96-4_i386.deb

which chreates the files


2. extract data.tar.gz

tar xzf data.tar.gz

and copy the resulting directories etc, usr, var to /

sudo cp -r etc/* /etc
sudo cp -r usr/* /usr
sudo cp -r var/* /var

3. execute the post installation script

sudo /usr/share/turboprint/lib/install-post --deb

I hope that helps.

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