Wrong colors when printing from GIMP

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Wrong colors when printing from GIMP

Post by Palindrom » Fri Jul 30, 2010 7:55 pm


When testing a new profile from ZEDOnet, I've got a strange results of my printing workflow. Shortly, it looks like TP totally ignores the profile.

  • openSUSE 11.2 x86_64 (up-to-date)
    TurboPrint 2.16-2 x86_64 Registered
    GIMP 2.6.8
    Epson Stylus Photo R800
    Calibrated LCD monitor
The workflow

1. Create 2 similar TP printers, "tp1" and "tp2", as follows:
  • Quality: Photo 5760dpi
    Paper: Epson Premium Glossy
    Dither: Error Diffusion
    Mode: GlossOptimizer Auto
    Intent: Perception (or Perception Photo)
    Color Space: Adobe RGB (1998)
All other settings (including color corrections) are default.

Create an appropriate color profile for "tp1" and load the color data received from ZEDOnet. Leave "tp2" without any profile.

2. In the GIMP, set the working RGB space to AdobeRGB (1998).

3. Open an image from a digital camera (Casio EX-P700). As the camera doesn't embed a color profile into images (but actually works in sRGB), the GIMP just assigns the working space to it so the image gets the strong magenta cast.

4. Assign the sRGB profile to the image. The image now looks (close to) correct.

5. Convert to the AdobeRGB (1998) space. The image colors don't change.

6. Shrink and save the image and open the TP plug-in.

7. Print twice, to "tp1" (profiled) and "tp2" (bare) with the (obvious) settings:
  • Media: Epson Premium Glossy
    Cartridge: GlossOptimizer Auto
    Print Quality: 5 - 5760dpi
    Color Mode: Color (RGB)
    RGB Color Space: Adobe RGB (1998)

Both prints are equivalent and have the strong magenta cast very similar (but little darker) to those from Step 3.

What's wrong? This is my first experience in the color-managed printing under Linux so any help will be greatly appreciated. Any additional info (incl. print logs) will be provided by request.


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Post by zedonet » Mon Aug 02, 2010 10:55 am


after adding a new color profile, there will be a new "Media" entry for you printer in TurboPrint Control Center and also in the GIMP TurboPrint print dialog.
The name is the one you enter when adding the profile entry - if you named it "Epson Premium Glossy" you should rename it to a unique name (e.g. to "Epson Premium Glossy profiled").
Choose this new Media entry when printing.

About Adobe RGB (1998):

I suggest to make comparison prints with an sRGB photo first with the built-in and new color profile (= Media setting).

Then you can try with an AdobeRGB photo. I think you should not make any conversions, so the photo will look "wrong" on-screen but should print correctly.
However, I will have to try myself first before I can give accurate instructions.

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Post by Palindrom » Mon Aug 02, 2010 5:33 pm

It worked!

At first sight, the print is at least very good in the workflow described above (in the Adobe RGB space)!

Thanks a lot for your prompt and helpful response!

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