gimp plugin, minor bugs

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gimp plugin, minor bugs

Post by primer » Tue Sep 14, 2010 1:41 pm

firstly thanks for the gimp plugin. gutenprint is a well-designed interface but does not support my printer. I am very pleased to have the same interface in TP.

However, a couple of minor bugs to report.

1/ There seems to be an inconsistency between what the tp-monitor and the plug-in display for resolution. eg 1200-fine vs. 2400 tpi. Which is correct? Any reason that they don't show the same text?

2/ The plug-in seems incapable of reading paper type set up in monitor. I am aware that plugin keeps it's own record for each printer but if I load printer defaults I always get plain paper even though monitor sets up glossy.

This is minor but annoying since I have to reset paper avery time I do a print.

3/ If I switch printers it always jumps to 100% size. This seems independent of the resolution of each printer or any other details.

This is a problem since if one sets the print size then selects the destination printer without noticing it has altered the size settings, it causes a full A4 printout even if a small image size was selected. HUGE waste of ink and papaer results on photos.

In a system that has more than one printer (or two configurations for one physical printer) this is annoying having to redo the setting the image size.

Otherwise it works brilliantly and is a great addition to TP.


PS I've just noticed that if I run tp monitor from the gimp plugin it shows the profile with (incorrect) plain paper and perception (instead of perception photo) . If I cancel out and run monitor from console I still have the correct settings.

There are some bugs in how plugin is handling these options.

Final note: turboprint-monitor command is not exiting clearly to prompt. I need to cntl-c to terminate it.


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Post by zedonet » Tue Sep 14, 2010 2:23 pm


thank you for your feedback!

The TurboPrint print plugin for GIMP is based on the older version of the original GIMP print plugin, some inconveniencies / problems come from the original design:

1) A different resolution is displayed in the GIMP print plugin, which shows the "rendering resolution", not the "printer resolution". "Rendering resolution" is the resolution at which a kind of "bitmap image" is created (by the postscript interpreter Ghostscript - a component of the Linux printing system) that is sent to the printer driver. The "printing resolution" is the resolution at which the printer places ink drops.

2) The GIMP print plugin has its own set of print settings, so it is essential to configure the printer from the print plugin, not from TurboPrint Control Center or TurboPrint Monitor. Use the buttons "Save settings" or "Print and save settings" in the GIMP print plugin to maintain print settings.

3) The scaling is part of the print settings - see 2) - and can be stored per printer using the button "Save settings"

The TurboPrint print plugin is open source (GPL license), the source is available on

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