Canon Pixma IX6800 Printing Issues

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Canon Pixma IX6800 Printing Issues

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Good day. The problem I am having with my printer and the program is that when I print an image, only part of the image will appear. I have gone through numerous tutorials on setting up the program to work with my Canon IX6800, but nothing works. If I print an image on the same printer without using the PrintFab program, the images will come out at the desired specifications. But I need to use the rip feature of Print Fab to print images for silk screen pressing. Not sure what is going on, but it is backlogging me on orders that I need to complete ASAP.
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Re: Canon Pixma IX6800 Printing Issues

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we found that in PrintFab 1.12c there was a problem with page size selection when the preview was activated (wrong page size code sent to the printer, print size and position sometimes wrong) that very likely also caused the problem that you described.

This has been fixed in the current PrintFab version 1.13 which has just been released: -> Link "Download"

If you update to the new PrintFab version, please let me know if it solves the problem.
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