Linearization curves and Fine Tuning at low level.

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Linearization curves and Fine Tuning at low level.

Post by Chapa75 » Thu Dec 16, 2010 7:56 pm

1. Is there an opportunity to elaborate on the possibilities of editing definition files in a folder printers and color? For example, for the possibility of overriding the ink sets such as this can be done in gutenprint. For example I have one of my R800 prints the ink set of R2400, that is, it prints not CMYKRB and CMYKcmk1k. I assure you, this possibility can significantly increase the attractiveness of your program!
2. How to linearize the printer using your program, ie linearize I will, for example by argyll, and that's where I need to insert or to prescribe the resulting linearization curves? Of course I can put them in a profile, but A) is able to work with embedded profile curves PrintFab CMS? - B) not really want to do this and because of the fact that not all programs understand this tag.
3. Well, I really question the printer control with your program at the lowest level: what about the possibility of calibration relations droplets of different sizes. Of course, I'm talking about Epson. That is about the ratio of small droplets to large and middle drops at large.
4. Just a question about low-level print management. Is it possible to control / management of relationships lights ink to the solid inks, ie, lights transitions?

Thanks in advance for any answers!

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Re: Linearization curves and Fine Tuning at low level.

Post by zedonet » Thu Dec 23, 2010 5:38 pm


TurboPrint does not support color channel changes, e.g. replacing blue ink by grey ink.
Currently TurboPrint does not offer the possibility to set your own linearisation curves. However, for all paper types, there are already linearisation curves available within the base profiles. I.e. if you create a new color profile, you select the base profile (e.g. Glossy Paper) and indirectly the appropriate linearisation curve. Of course there are still minor deviations with different paper or inks, but this is adjusted when creating a new ICC profile.
Using the built-in ZEDOnet profiles or profiles created by our profiling service (with the "universal profile" option) you can control the balance of light magenta (light cyan) and magenta (cyan) inks with the corresponding slider in the color settings of TurboPrint.
There is no possibility to change the usage of the different droplet sizes, as this is already tuned for every printer - you would not get any benefits by changing that.

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