Second print job in 300dpi is very slow on Epson WorkForcePro WF-C5290

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Second print job in 300dpi is very slow on Epson WorkForcePro WF-C5290

Post by KVD » Mon Jul 20, 2020 6:12 pm

Hello. I am trying trial version of PrintFab for printing on Epson WorkForcePro WF-C5290. I need PrintFab's roll paper printing function. But I has one specific bug/problem. I can't understand, is it printer-specific, or application-specific, so i am posting this in "other" forum section.

I am using 21cm width roll paper, Windows 10 OS and PrintFab v1.14.

Using 600 dpi
ANY (first, second, third, etc.) print jobs are printing with same speed.
(3 meters for 44s for example)
Using 300 dpi
FIRST print job is printing with normal speed
(3 meters for 21s - 2х faster than 600dpi )
NOT FIRST (second, third, etc.) print job are printing very slow.
(3 meters for 64s - 1.5x slower than 600dpi O_o )

After reloading paper roll in printer, job counting starts again from 1, and first print job, if it has 300dpi resolution, will be printed with normal speed.

This behavior does not depends from job length (1meter, 3meters, or 5 meters first job in 300dpi will be printed with same meters/second speed).

This behavior does not depends from resolution, that was choosed for first print job - 300dpi or 600dpi, it does not depends from 300/600dpi modes rotation. If paper roll is in printer, and any job was printed after paper reload, then any print job in 300dpi will be slow.

After PC reboot jobs "sequence number" does not go to 1. Only after paper roll reload.

I can't check roll paper printing in 300dpi from another software, because i didn't find software, correctly printing from roll paper feed on my model of printer.

I tried to edit "driver file"
C:\Program Files (x86)\ZEDOnet\PrintFab 1.x\printers\Epson_WorkForcePro_WFC5790.tpp,
which was defined on lines 2624-2626 of "printers.lst" for my printer model.

I tried to change line 157 value "PrinterDPI" of section "[Mode0_0_0]" - with variants 300,300, 300,600, 600,300, 600,600.

Any variant with at least one number "300" in pair was causing described "300dpi behavior". "600,600" variant don't.

(printing on paper with more than 60cm length was also achieved using this edited cfg file - using custom roll feeding device this is really possible )

What's causing described problem? How to fix it? Help me, please.

P.S. sorry for my grammar, English is not native language for me.

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Re: Second print job in 300dpi is very slow on Epson WorkForcePro WF-C5290

Post by zedonet » Tue Jul 28, 2020 2:37 pm


the roll printing support for Epson printers that do not natively support roll printing (like the WorkForcePro WF-C5290) is experimental.

I seems that roll printing is not intended by the Epson printer firmware. Roll printing works, but after the end of the first page the printer is in a "end of page mode" where it transports the paper slower and adds a pause after each paper advance. We also noticed that there is no end of roll detection.

I am afraid that there is no solution to this problem and I suggest to print at 600dpi.

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