Print layout problem

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Print layout problem

Post by canecane » Sun Jul 31, 2016 8:08 pm

Using Gimp or any other program, when I set a position for printing my image (ex. horizontal-centered) and select Print, it always prints the image on top-left of the page.

SOrry for my English, I'm Italian.

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Re: Print layout problem

Post by zedonet » Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:33 pm


thank you for your problem report. However, we could not reproduce the problem when printing from "Gimp" and we have no such problem reports from other customers.

Please make sure that the correct paper size (e.g. "A4") is selected in the print dialog.

When printing from Gimp, we recommend to print with the "TurboPrint..." print dialog. The print position in the "Preview" will be the print position on the page.

If that doesn't help, please send more information:

- your printer manufacturer & model
- Linux distribution & version
- paper size and image print size
- from which applications did you try to print?

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