Canon MG6851 on Linux 18.04lts

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Timothy Proctor
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Canon MG6851 on Linux 18.04lts

Post by Timothy Proctor » Sat Jan 26, 2019 12:44 pm

With the configuration above I am having a problem with the black print. The printer is not printing black from .pdf or web pages the monitor says it has used black ink but it hasn't it is only printing colours. All the ink tanks are showing that there is ink present both physically and via the software. Last thing is that if I print any of the test page examples it prints black.

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Re: Canon MG6851 on Linux 18.04lts

Post by zedonet » Mon Feb 04, 2019 9:16 am


this could be a known problem - print jobs are not processed properly by the postscript interpreter "Ghostscript".

Please make sure that the TurboPrint version is selected in TurboPrint Control:

TurboPrint Control -> dialog "Preferences" -> check "Use GPL Ghostscript with extensions for TurboPrint"

Also verify that the TurboPrint version of Ghostscript can be properly executed - open a Terminal window and enter

gszedo --help

If a problem with the library "libidn" is reported, please let me know.

If printing still doesn't work properly, please post the log file /var/log/turboprint/print.log (after a print job that shows the problem - the last section of the log file starting from "### new print job" is sufficient).

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