LibreOffice borders not printing correctly on Canon TS5020

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LibreOffice borders not printing correctly on Canon TS5020

Post by mITw » Thu Jul 30, 2020 12:25 am

I have used TurboPrint for almost ten years and this is the first times I am having difficulty printing LibreOffice documents. I carefully set and save page borders and then print using TurboPrint, but in all cases in the past several weeks additional space is added to the inner border and the right border is ignored.
To test I have completely removed TurboPrint2 and set up my printer as simple a linuxMint 20 cups printer. And it prints with no errors, so it is neither my PC (linuxMint20) nore my Canon TS5020 printer.

I then reinstalled TurboPrint and tested, finding the same errors. Last evening I upgraded my TurboPrint 2.49-1 to 2.50-1 and STILL find the same errors. Not only are the margins wrong but especially the headers and footers.

Have others reported similar issues with Canon printers? Any ideas on how I can deal with these issues? I did see that back in July of this year "- borderless printing sometimes not working on Epson ET-2700/2750". Is it now possible there is a problem for Canon printers and margins?

I do sincerely like TurboPrint2 and have greatly enjoyed it for at least a decade. So, please do help me.

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Re: LibreOffice borders not printing correctly on Canon TS5020

Post by zedonet » Thu Jul 30, 2020 8:24 am


no general problem is known when printing from LibreOffice to the Canon TS5020 printer using the TurboPrint driver. Printing in non-borderless mode usually doesn't cause problems with wrong margins.

Can you please send the following information by email to
mail (at) zedonet (dot) com

- a sample LibreOffice document that illustrates the problem
- a photo of the printed page
- the log file /var/log/turboprint/print.log

When printing, I recommend to enable "Preview Jobs" in TurboPrint Monitor and check if the page layout is correct in the preview window.

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