parallel port not connected

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parallel port not connected

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My HP Deskjet on lp0 is no longer loading the module automatically, parport_pc
even though I have entries in my modprobe.conf and modules.conf for:

alias lp parport_pc

The printer does work after I sudo modprobe parport_pc

But turboprint _still_ says Printer not connected or switched off.

I read in another topic I should be using the tp-backend, but how do I do that for parallel?
/usr/lib/cups/backend# ./parallel
direct parallel:/dev/lp0 "Unknown" "LPT #1"

# tpsetup
Turboprint Setup - Main Menu
Nr.Def.Short Configuration Connection Output State
0 lp tp0 HP_DeskJet1220C_Draft Local Printer /dev/lp0 acc=1 start=1

and what entry to put in modules.conf to autoload parport_pc.

Thank you
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