SLED11 Epson TX700W

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SLED11 Epson TX700W

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I have installed SLED11 onto an AcerTravelmate 4200. Logged in as root, immediately after installation, installed Turboprint 2.10-1 and connected my Epson TX700W. Turboprint found it, I told it to use the Artisan 700 driver, and on Test print the light on the printer flashes, but nothing prints. Similarly if I use the PX700W drive (probably the same anyway)

Interstingly, I can't get the printer to print with Gutenprint either on SLED11 (pstoraster failures), but it's fine with Pipslite on another laptop running SLED10 SP2.

I like the GUI on Turboprint and would like to use it, but I need to get it going first.

Any ideas?

Craig Meads
New Zealand
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