Canon iP90 ink levels...

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Canon iP90 ink levels...

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Turboprint displays less then 10% ink levels after installation of new cartridges, in Ubuntu 21.10. Canon iP90, Inkjet printer

Going to Win11 doesn't help as there doesn't seem to be any reset for 'new cartridges'.

Following the instructions in the Canon Users Guide only mentions resetting the cleaning reservoir NOT the cartridge levels...and following those instructions and resetting the reservoir setting doesn't change anything about ink levels in the print maintenance monitors.

So does the lack of any mention of resetting the ink level setting with installation of new cartridges mean that it's automatic? And if so, shouldn't TurboPrint recognize that message?

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Re: Canon iP90 ink levels...

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the ink level is controlled only by the printer firmware and should be updated automatically by the printer when you install new cartridges.
The ink level that is shown by TurboPrint Control and TurboPrint Monitor is the ink level that is reported by the printer. TurboPrint cannot reset the ink level.
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