Multi K on Epson P7000

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Multi K on Epson P7000

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Hi there, I have an Epson Surecolor P7000. I wanted to use the multi black feature and just print from the Black Cartridge (it's a specialty ink), but when I go to the section to select/isolate heads, it only gives me the options for Cyan, Magenta, or Yellow (there are like 7 other heads not shown). What's the work around for this? BTW, I running on MAC OS X 11.6.2

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Re: Multi K on Epson P7000

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Hello, the Epson SureColor SC-P7000 printer is not directly supported by PrintFab. If you choose a compatible driver, it may be possible to print but some drivers use an "RGB" color model so it is not possible to control all inks individually. Instead, the driver lists the inks C,M and Y (complementary ink colors for the RGB color model).

Which printer driver did you select in PrintFab?
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