Driver for XSane

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Driver for XSane

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I love Turboprint - used it on the Amiga back in the day, and much better on Linux than the standard print drivers. Currently using an HP OfficeJet pro 8024e.

Up until now, I saw no need to install hplip. However, using xsane for scanning (so using the sane backend) with nothing more than TP as the driver, if I scan using the ADF I can be certain that the application will crash when receiving data. This doesn't happen when using the flatbed.

I've fixed by installing hplip and using the scanner driver from that.

I know that TP is a printer and not a scanner utility, but it would be nice not to have to have a separate set of drivers installed.

Using Arch, only the full hplip package gives me the options (hplip-lite or hplip-minimal don't do the job) in xsane. The lite and minimal packages don't even see the scanner in xsane.
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