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Post by gatorGRAFIX »

Hello! I have the pro version of PrintFab running on my new Apple iMac. I have been printing my Illustrator seps using PrintFab.

What I cannot figure out is the presets.

Every time I create a new preset it does not hold my custom settings after I close and then reopen open Illustrator.

When I am ready to print my seps I have to manually set it up for each and every color every time I use PrintFab which is very time consuming.

Any ideas how I can create a custom preset which will always be set properly with my custom print settings every time I use Illustrtor and PrintFab to print separations?

I just can't seem to get my custom settings to stick. Thanks!!!
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Re: Presets

Post by zedonet »

Hello, the printing settings "presets" are a mechanism of macOS, not PrintFab. In our experience the presets work reliably - if a "preset" is selected in the macOS print dialog, the corresponding settings are also used for the next print job.

A known problem is that macOS sometimes "forgets" the selected printer from one print job to the next, so the printer must be selected again and also the preset must be selected again.

Can you please send more information:

- your version of macOS
- are the correct settings active if you select the preset again in the macOS print dialog (Illustrator dialog -> button "Setup") before printing?
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