custom .pfprofile for B&W

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custom .pfprofile for B&W

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I would like to have a custom universal .pfprofile that is optimized for GreyPhoto printing on a Baryta paper.
Printer = Epson SC-P600 with good non-OEM ink.
Is B&W-optimization at profile level possible ? Is the proces to create a testchart the same as for color ?

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Re: custom .pfprofile for B&W

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Yes, this is possible. In our profile creation service, we also offer to create profiles optimized for grayscale printing. When printing the profile chart in PrintFab Toolbox, please select "Black & white profile (color chart optimized for grayscale)" - this will print a color chart with more patches that are almost neutral grey (see screeenshot).

printfab-mac-bw-profile.png (33.63 KiB) Viewed 404 times

The profiling process itself is explained at
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