Various questions about TurboPrint

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Various questions about TurboPrint

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I have a few questions about TurboPrint:

1. I tested the trial version, and it is complete. It says Studio XL. If I buy a Pro license, what are the features which will be disabled after activation. Could I always reset the cartridge counter, modify the ink level in order to consume less ink, CMYK support, ... ?

2. Do you plan to support HP Photosmart C models in future updates ?

3. Do you offer discount in license prices during period the year ?


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Re: Various questions about TurboPrint

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1. When installing the trial version, you can select which version to test during installation. If you installed the .deb or .rpm package, you can select the trial version when you start TurboPrint Control for the first time.

About resetting the cartridge counter:

The printer itself keeps track of the contents of the ink cartridges. TurboPrint cannot adjust these ink levels. I think it is impossible for a printer driver to modify ink levels.

The "TurboPrint Monitor" app shows an ink consumption counter that can be used to compare ink consumption of different documents. This counter can be reset. There is no difference between TurboPrint Pro or Studio in this regard.

About the PrintFab Pro functionality:

The ink save functionality is present also in TurboPrint Pro, CMYK support is present only in TurboPrint Studio

2. There are no immediate plans. However, most PhotoSmart printers can be used with a compatible TurboPrint driver. Please write in which model(s) you are interested.

3. I am sorry but currently no discounts are planned.
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