All black w/ Canon IP8720 not quite opaque

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All black w/ Canon IP8720 not quite opaque

Post by Globesignco »

My IP8720 is starting to give me less-than-opaque positives. It leaves some random banding and a slightly porous overall deposit. Still blocks enough light for screenwork, but if it gets any lighter, we're dead in the water. Ran basic cleaning procedure, no change. Print Settings are still set for screenprinting. Should I reload printfab or the printer driver maybe?
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Re: All black w/ Canon IP8720 not quite opaque

Post by zedonet »

Hello, if the print quality is deteriorating and you see "random banding", the problem may be caused by the print head or ink cartridges.

As a first step, please make sure that the print head and ink supply is working properly by printing a nozzle test page:

PrintFab App -> button "Toolbox" -> "Nozzle Check".

Compare the printed page to the attached image - the staircase pattern at the top (Pigment Black) and the black rectangle at the bottom (Photo Black) must be present.

iX6820 Nozzle Check.jpg
iX6820 Nozzle Check.jpg (16.75 KiB) Viewed 6530 times

Please send a photo of your nozzle test page.
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Re: All black w/ Canon IP8720 not quite opaque

Post by thalo52 »

I used the Canon iX6820 and ran into similar issues. I don't know if the IP8720 has a similar cartridge and print head set up. I ran into problems where I was not printing films regularly and the ink would clog the print head and not print well. I would replace the print head and cartridges and it would print great. Let it sit for a couple weeks and not good.

A solution is to print something multiple times a week, even if only on paper, to keep the print head and cartridges in operational condition.

Hope this info is helpful.
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