Pixma Pro9500 max paper size?

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Pixma Pro9500 max paper size?

Post by blacksqr »

According to the review article linked below, the Pixma Pro9500 is capable of a custom paper setting of 17x22 inches (431.8 x 558.8 mm).

The info for your driver for this printer lists the maximum print size as 14.00 x 23.00"

Is it possible to access the wider (17") custom print size with an upgraded version of TurboPrint?

Review article link:

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Re: Pixma Pro9500 max paper size?

Post by zedonet »

Hello, I just checked and the maximum print size is actually 14"x26,21" / 355,6x676mm according to the Canon Windows driver, so the sizes in TurboPrint should be correct. I think paper which is 42cm wide will not fit into the printer.
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