Turboprint and Scribus

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Turboprint and Scribus

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I am using a recent version of TurboPrint (where can I find the version number?). It works fine with almost all my applications (Ubuntu 9.04). However, I was trying to use Scribus to lay out some photos on a page and then print them. In Gimp, I can click File --> Turboprint to start the process. In Scribus, clicking 'File' drops down a menu that includes only the 'Print' command, no 'Turboprint' command is showing.

Using the Print command in Scribus, I see my printer (TP0), but proceeding doesn't give me the typical TurboPrint print setup dialog box to which I am accustomed, and the image didn't print at all.

Suggestions from anyone printing with TurboPrint from Scribus?

I finally used Gimp to lay down two 5 x 7 photos on an 8.5 x 11 inch background layer in order to print them on A4 glossy stock. Suggestions most welcome.


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