Printfab HP laserjet duplex problem

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Printfab HP laserjet duplex problem

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I have printfab installed on a couple of Mac's running LION (10.5). They're printing to an HP LASERJET 1300n printer, via a windows XP pc.

The print queue on the windows pc is set to manual duplex and it prints manual duplex fine on the printer, pausing to let you change the paper over between prints. The Mac's will print, but they will not duplex. When printing from the Mac's you cannot select double sided printing in Word, although you can select double sided in Outlook. Either way, the print jobs always come out as separate pages, with no pause to change the paper.

I paused the queue on the XP machine and checked the properties of the print job that the Mac's were sending - duplex was not set on the print job.

I also have a more modern HP officejet printer that does automatic duplex printing, again set up on the XP pc. The mac's print automatic duplex fine on this printer.

Any thoughts on how to get the Macs to pass manual duplex to the laserjet print queue on the XP machine?
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Re: Printfab HP laserjet duplex problem

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PrintFab for Mac doesn't support manual duplexing - a workaround would be to print "odd pages" and "even pages" seperately. Manual duplexing is planned as an extension for a future PrintFab release.
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