Some UI glitches on Ubuntu 8.04 (Turbo Print 2.00 beta 6)

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Some UI glitches on Ubuntu 8.04 (Turbo Print 2.00 beta 6)

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1 - TurboPrint config applet has weird drop-down gadgets (most of them, e.g. Layout>Paper Pagesize, Feed, Tray, Duplex) on 120PPI screens
My notebook has a 1440x900 14.1" screen. Its resolution is thus ~120PPI. I set this value in the Gnome font preferences panel (the relevant gconf key is /desktop/gnome/font_rendering/dpi) to get the correct text sizes, but then content of drop-down GTK+ gadgets is not vertically centered. Just a small uninportant cosmetic glitch of course.

2 - Would it be possible to use sistem-wide style toolbars (e.g. text below icons / on the side) and pixmaps (where availlable) in TurboPrint config applet, for the sake of a perfect Gnome integration?

3 - TurboPrint's launcher icons need a good refresh. TurboPrint monitor in particular is not appropriate. Look ... on-design/ #9 for example (text inside icons).

I'm sorry for such stupid reports... however, this beta of TurboPrint WORKS SO WELL for me that i found nothing else to complain with! :-D

Thank you
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