Poor Greyscale printing using printfab driver

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Poor Greyscale printing using printfab driver

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I use the Canon Pixma ip1500 printer.
When connected directly to my G5 Dual2ghz (using the original canon driver) I get excelent greyscale printing ,but when connected to my lan (via ethernet)and using the Canon Printfab Driver my greyscale printing is very poor.

I bought the printfab drivers because they are famous for their BETTER abilities than the company's drivers (canon in my case)

Is there something I am missing?
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in "greyscale mode", the PrintFab driver uses only the black ink cartridge. The Canon driver mixes brighter shades of grey out of cyan, magenta & cyan which produces a finer pattern. This mode is also available in PrintFab where it is called "grey photo".
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