anyone using this rip with Epson stylus color 3000?

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Melvyn Gill Design
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anyone using this rip with Epson stylus color 3000?

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anyone using this rip with Epson stylus color 3000
by Melvyn Gill Design » Tue Jan 21, 2014 11:06 am

I am trying to install this rip for the epson stylus color 3000 for use with latest macbook pro with mavericks o/s.

I am using a parallel cable to usb connection and am getting strange results from the printer when printing demo test page, it prints out loads of pages each with a banded part of the page.

Anyone successfully using this rip with this printer please let me know how you achieved this?
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Re: anyone using this rip with Epson stylus color 3000?

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This problem has been discussed by email and is probably solved:
thank you for sending the image. Unfortunately, I have no clue why this happens and how to solve the problems.

There are two things you could try:

1) Try the alternative printer port driver "USBTB"

Often an alternative USB driver solves these issues. Please try the "usbtb" usb driver, which is recommended on our download page at The direct link to this driver is ... g/download

You can download it for free as it is published under GPL license.

Please note that after installation of the usbtb
you will probably need to remove and set up your PrintFab driver again in PrintFab Toolbox.
When selecting the printer connection, there should be offered two "printers" - both times your printer model, with and without the suffix "usbtb".
If you have set up your printer two times (normal usb driver and usbtb), please check in PrintFab Toolbox which of these instances actually shows "usbtb" as port driver - select that "printer" in the printing dialogs.

2) Try a different USB -> Parallel cable
I'm not sure which of our two suggestions helped, but printing seems to work reliably now.
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