Trying to connect Epson Color 3000 to my iMac

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Trying to connect Epson Color 3000 to my iMac

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Hello, I have an Epson color 3000 that I'm trying to connect and print off my iMac with Maverick via Printfab. I've never used this printer on this iMac because I could never find the drivers. After installing the demo for Printfab, my computer will not recognize the Epson 3000 printer after I connect both printer and computer via an ethernet cable. I've tried restarting the computer with printer on and ethernet cable plugged into the iMac but nothing will come up either in the Printfab toolbox or via my systems preferences in printers and scanners. Any suggestions?... thanks.
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Re: Trying to connect Epson Color 3000 to my iMac

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the Epson Stylus Color 3000 printer must be set up manually using Mac OS X System Preferences.

First you have to find out the printer's IP address. There is a button on the ethernet adapter at the printer that causes the printer to print a network settings page. The IP address if a combination of 4 numbers (e.g. "").

It is important that the printer IP address is within the address range of your local network.
Please open Mac OS X System Preferences -> Network and look at "IP Address" and "Subnet Mask": If "Subnet Mask" is "", then the first 3 numbers of the printer IP address must be the same as the computer IP address (if you are in doubt, please post printer IP address, computer IP address and subnet mask).

Then open MacOS X System Preferences -> "Print & Scan". Press the "+" button, then choose the "IP" printer browser. Select "HP Jetdirect - Socket" as protocol and enter the printer's IP address. In field "Use" choose "Select printer software". A new window for driver selection will appear. Enter "3000" in the search field, then choose the driver "Epson PrintFab Epson_StylusColor3000 PrintFab".

Finally check if you can print.
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