question about network connected printer support

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question about network connected printer support

Post by peterwh »

I have a Canon Pixma MP970, and I see that you have that listed as a supported printer for turboprint.
I have installed Linux Mint 17.2 experimentally on my laptop, because I do not think I will "upgrade" to Windows10
so I am trying to get a handle on linux before that becomes more or less inevitable for Win users. It follows, that
I am a 'noob'.

Now, currently the situation is this, that I can get that printer working just fine in mint linux 17.2,
BUT only if I run a usb cable from the printer to the laptop that my linux install is on.

However, normally the printer is connected to the router (draytek 2860) via RJ45 on IP, in order that all
computers on the network can print without the need for one dedicated print server being up at all times.
Works fine with 4 machines on Windows.

Mint Linux however cannot see the printer on the network, and after countless hours sifting through forums, faqs etc,
I have yet to find a solution. My router supports Bonjour, but I don't know how to configure that - CUPS
connects to Bonjour, but the print queue does not get forwarded to the printer.

So here's my question: would TurboPrint actually add the network printing functionality to my Linux install so it can
find the printer on the LAN?
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Re: question about network connected printer support

Post by zedonet »

Dear peterwh,

TurboPrint supports printing over network, this should also work with your MP970. I suggest that you just download and install the free 30-day trial version. If the printer should not be detected automatically within the printer setup in TurboPrint, you can still try to connect manually be entering "bjnp://" as URI. It is important to choose the BJNP backend as Canon printers do not communicate via socket or LPR connections.
If the printer is not found automatically please try to "ping" it from a shell window by entering "ping". If all packets are lost, there is is problem with your network setup in Linux Mint.
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