Beaglebone black printing problems

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Beaglebone black printing problems

Post by mikeglw »

I loaded Turboprint into a Beaglebone black, and all seems to have gone well in the installation.

When I plug a printer into the hub connected to the beaglebone, it recognizes the printer.

But when I try to print or do a test page print the Turboprint reports a USB communications error
or that the printer is off.

Any ideas??
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Re: Beaglebone black printing problems

Post by zedonet »


there are two USB <-> printer backends available - the generic CUPS usb printer backend ("usb://...") and the TurboPrint specific("tpu://...") that additionally supports printer status monitoring during printing. When you setup a printer in TurboPrint, the "tpu" backend is chosen as default.

I recommend to try if it helps to change the backend setting:

1. Open TurboPrint Control and check which URI is visible in the list of printers, column "URI". Please also send me this information.

2. Click on "Edit". If the URI was "usb://" then select the port entry "<printer name> TP-USB". If the URI was "tpu://..." select the port entry "<printer name> USB".

3. Confirm with "OK" and try if you can print
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