TurboPrint 2.0 beta 1

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TurboPrint 2.0 beta 1

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TurboPrint 2.0 beta 1 is now available for download

(30 day trial version - for x86 32bit, should also run on x86 64bit)

For feedback please use the form



- download from ftp://ftp.zedonet.com/beta
- extract the .tgz archive, start installer

tar xzf turboprint-2.00-beta1.tgz
cd turboprint-2.00-beta1

- no sudo / root login required, installer will ask for password (user password on ubuntu/linspire, admin password on other linux)

New in Version 2.0

- GUI applications "TurboPrint Setup" and "TurboPrint Config" have been combined into one application (icon "TurboPrint" / command line "turboprint")
- printer status monitor shows ink & printer status and displays page contents while printing (icon "TurboPrint Monitor" or command line "turboprint-monitor")
- additional components: new usb backend "tusb" monitors printer status while printing, daemon "tprintdaemon" monitors printer status while printer is idle
- "preview before page" can be chosen in printer status monitor
- manual duplexing: odd pages printed -> user request to turn around paper stack & insert again -> even pages printed (status monitor must be running)
- custom page size editor (button "Sizes")
- color profiles can be added (button "Profiles")
- CD printing: size of center hole & offset can be adjusted in page size editor
NOTE: the CD page layout is different from TurboPrint 1.x - set up page size as 14x14cm, left/right/top/bottom margin = 1cm in the application (e.g. in OpenOffice). If you print from OpenOffice, choose "Page Format=CD/DVD" and under "Device": "MediaType=CD printable". In TurboPrint Config you can adjust center hole size and offset in the "Sizes" dialog - if you try this please let us know if print position is correct or must be adjusted.
- borderless printing: borderless formats have now the same size as regular formats; overprint factor can be adjusted
- GNOME & KDE3 panel applets that displays printer status and ink warnings (click panel with right mouse button, choose "Add applet to panel", select "TurboPrint Printer Monitor Applet".

Known Issues

- readme files & online manual still from TurboPrint 1.x
- sliders in user interface do not work correctly with gtk theme "gtk-qt"
- installer does not complain if cups spooler is not installed / not running
- page preview does not work on Mandrake Linux