How many licenses?

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How many licenses?

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I'd like to print from a G5 to an Epson Stylus Photo R800 which is connected to a G3, which I use as printer server. On that G3, running Mac OS 10.4.8, the printer is shared through System Preferences->Sharing.

This works fine with the Epson driver installed on the G3. When sharing the printer, the driver is automatically available on the G5.

How does this work with Printfab? Do I need to buy two licenses, or is one enough, and on what Mac should it be installed then?

I will never print from the G3 directly.

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Hello Yann,

one license is sufficient. PrintFab should be installed on the G5 client computer - only this way you will get the PrintFab print dialogs from your application (with automatic printer sharing you get "generic" print dialogs that don't offer all options). The printer should be added with OS X Printer Setup Utility as an "IP Printer", protocol "IPP" - see our PDF manual, page 25 for details.

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