TP error msg: No connection to Turboprint Daemon

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TP error msg: No connection to Turboprint Daemon

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Greetings, I have downloaded and installed the 30 day Turboprint trial program on Ubuntu 8.04.1 and It controls the printer, a Pixma iP90 very well.

I do however have 2 problems that I would like to resolve before buying the license - which I don't mind doing.

I'm using a USB modem on /dev/ttyUSB0.
If the modem is connected and in use on computer startup everything works normally.
But if the modem isn't connected at startup and I plug it in, the Gnome ppp dialer can't detect the modem and defaults to the phone line modem.
I have to restart the computer with the modem plugged in to make it work.

In addition I have the error message: "No connection to Turboprint Daemon" although the printer works fine.

Thank you very much for any advice, ideas or help on this.

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