USB-C Hub Print Warning

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USB-C Hub Print Warning

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Warning: printing through a USB-C multi-device hub may cause print job issues.

I run Ubuntu 16.10 on a laptop with one USB-A port (usually occupied by wireless mouse) and two USB-C ports. An Epson XP-800 is connected through a USB-C multi-device hub¹ and occasionally freezes during a job. Disconnecting the USB cable terminates the job and unfreezes the printer, but doesn't solve the underlying issue. The print often worked on the second try, so I hadn't discerned a pattern.
  • Print job freezes were rare and never with WinXX computers.
  • I recently noticed a job freeze was occurring at exactly the same point on a particular document when using either hub.
  • The page printed successfully when the printer was connected though the USB-A port.
  • I have not experienced freeze-ups with a straight-through USB-C to single USB-A adapter (so far).
Conclusion: USB-C multi-device hubs were causing print job issues on my Linux machine.
Solution: Use a USB-A port or straight-through USB-C to single USB-A adapter.

¹ Either an IOGear USB-C to USB-A+VGA+HDMI+RJ45, or a Hyper-Drive USB-C 5-in-1
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