Line Art

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Line Art

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What is the best way to print for line art? I only want black ink, fine detail, and no continuous tone.

I have an Epson SureColor P800, Mac and Windows setting/drivers don't give me the details in the artwork. Lines thicken, non print spaces get filled. Also see some dither. Mac has some kind of screen applied since a few OS versions back.

TurboPrint does the best job I have found so far. I set 2880dpi and Grayscale mode.
There is still dithering, is it possible to turn off? I would be nice if there was some kind of bitmap/line art mode ;)

I've used a few different papers and ink bleeding is kept at a minimum, it is more trying to get the printer/driver to not print a picture.
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Re: Line Art

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the "Greyscale" mode is the correct setting for line art.

Depending on the print resolution, some kind of dithering is required to adjust the ink amount. No dithering at all is only possible if the print resolution is low and every ink drop in the resolution grid can be printed without ink bleeding (smallest drop size). This is the case up to 720dpi - however, I think that results with 2880dpi will be better.

You can switch between "Error diffusion", "Regular fine" and "Regular" dithering. I think that "Error diffusion" looks best for line art, but you can also try the other dither methods.

The ink amount can be adjusted with the "Intensity" setting - this affects line thickness and also changes the dither pattern a bit.
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