Can Turboprint handle gray profiles?

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Can Turboprint handle gray profiles?

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I wanted to print a black and white test image with an embedded "Gray Gamma 2.2" profile. I extracted the profile and tried adding it to the Turboprint configuration application, but I get an error:

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icc::parse: unsupported icc profile
cgats::open: DATA doesn't contain correct number of patches 0 != 0
profile_info: get_datafile_info returned 0
I got the same error when I tried another gray profile, Elle Stone's Gray-elle-V2-g22.icc profile.
I ended up using the Adobe RGB profile and the result looks ok, but I wonder if this behaviour is normal for Turboprint.

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Re: Can Turboprint handle gray profiles?

Post by zedonet »

Hello and sorry for the late answer,
TurboPrint currently doesn't handle gray profiles. You can get the same result by selecting an RGB profile with the same gama value (e.g. sRGB) and selecting "Color Mode"="Gray Photo".
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